Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Qingqi Driver

In our city of lights (Karachi), a large number of Qingqi can be found on almost every street, running on a straight route usually. They charge you 10 rupees only on a single route. These three wheelers are not only providing an alternate to the passengers but also serve as a source of income for the people migrating to Karachi from various parts of the country. One can see them on every major bus stop where they are hawking the passengers to their destinations.

Last week I came across one such Qingqi, it was a usual ride from University Road to Jauhar Roundabout. I got the seat on the rear of the Qingqi in the beginning of the journey, but after passing the Kamran Chowrangi the Qingqiwala asked the passengers sitting at the back to move to the front of the Qingqi. The reason of this movement was obtaining some ladies passengers from another Qingqi which were settled at the rear side and I moved to the front with other male passengers. When I sat behind the driver on the seat, I saw two handicap walking sticks under the seat. To my surprise the driver was limbless on his right. The paddle break of the Qingqi was modified by a welder such that the break had been converted into hand operated break with a bent iron rod coming up to the height of handle of the bike. The driver was handling it smartly and the passengers were joining and leaving the Qingqi as normal, without even knowing that their driver was a handicap with one leg only. This courageous man gave me a silent message of struggle and motivation that one can live his life without cursing the fate or blaming others. What fate had done with that person he was happy with it without complaining anybody.

I guess it would have been very easy for him to join the community of beggars and the society would have accepted it with a look of sympathy but he on contrary to that became a useful component of the society willingly, without losing his self respect.

Alhamdolillah, we can stand on our feet but we have a number of complains about the society and the system. We shall be thankful to Allah for our health and uncountable blessings as for Him it is possible to take away anything from us in no time.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Be a coffee mug !

An empty unwashed coffee mug may have stains of the coffee in it. The design on it may look nice having colourful flower or patterns (as in the picture) but one cannot tell about inside without having a deep look.

Human life can also be compared with a mug of coffee. It (the life) may look happy, calm, peaceful and satisfied but who knows the sufferings or the stains which could be present inside.
We believe in the outlook and always emphasise on looking decent and dressing up well. It is rare to see people talking about the hygiene or purity of interior i.e. of oneself. The humanware is a combination of hardware which is body and the soft or firmware i.e. soul or spirit. We just focus on the hardware part and try to groom or polish it so that we look good and presentable. Every hair cutting saloon, beauty parlour or massage centre is ready to keep us healthy and beautiful but only the external part can be flourished by visiting these locations.
What about the internal stains, who is going to remove them? The interior can be decorated if one has the connectivity with the only Lord and belief in Him. The most difficult war is the battle with oneself and that can only be won with faith in Him. We may turn to Him not by worshiping Him day in and out by performing religious duties, but by helping mankind we can also achieve a high rank among His lovers.
The coffee mug facilitates us by providing room to pour coffee in it and then we may drink from it. Likewise we may become a coffee mug with beautiful sketch on the outside in the form of smile on our faces and the inside stains would automatically remove because of wishes of those whom we gave our smiles to.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The largest solar flare of cycle 24

Our Sun has a number of spots on it called sunspots which are due to the strong magnetic field and plasma in the Sun. The rotation of Sun is not uniform, it has different rate at poles than at equator; this makes the rotation 'differential'. The differential rotation of Sun creates the twisted and complex magnetic field and as a result of that sunspots are produced (this is not as simple as it has been mentioned here, but it may make sense to a layman). The temperature of a sunspot is less than the solar average temperature that is why they appear as a 'spot' with 'cooler' degree.

The number of these sunspots varies and it is a well documented feature that the Sun follows an eleven year cycle with the number of spots ranging from 0 to 170. This cycle is called the Solar Cycle. Since the time these cycles have been recorded the Sun is in Cycle 24 these days; it started back in Dec 2008. The list of all Solar Cycles can be seen here.

One of the phenomena associated with this Solar Cycle is the eruption of the mass from the corona of Sun, i.e., the 'plasma atmosphere' of Sun. Due to the complex magnetic field patters and these sunspots the Sun erupts mass which is termed as Coronal Mass Eruption (CME). This mass eruption may or may not be alone and most of these eruptions are followed by energy eruption also in the X-ray range. Technically speaking this X-ray burst is called a solar flare or X-ray flare.

These flares are one of the routine phenomena of Sun but their frequency varies with the sunspots. These days one of the sunspots in the Southern hemisphere of the Sun has gone made and it generated a strong flare and the CME entitled as 'Valentine's Day Solar Flare' by NASA. The image of this recent flare is given below. (Image source NASA). The brightest region is erupting this flare. This is the largest flare of the current Solar Cycle, till today.
These flares or radiation storms have adverse effect on satellites, electrical grid stations on higher latitudes of Earth and the HF Communication because a radio blackout may occur as one of the consequences at all latitudes of Earth.

The Sci-Fi 2012 shows the end of world due to heating of the inner layers of the Earth, but scientifically speaking these solar flares have nothing to do with the climate and/or weather pattern on Earth, these flares disturb the weather is space and the documented adverse effects have been mentioned above.

The Universe would naturally come to an end and so as the Earth also being its part, but such solar flares may not be the reason for the same. Our Earth is being shielded by a magnetic field and it is capable enough to weaken such flares and the other outer space hittings.

Further readings: British Geological Survey Analysis of the recent flare, A 12-hour long geomagnetic storm, And the Sun wakes up

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pakistan Flood Relief (Muzaffargarh District)

Everybody in Pakistan is aware of devastating impact of flood in the country, occurred last year. There were many organizations involved in the relief process as soon as this disaster occurred.  I'm blogging about one activity going on in the District of Muzaffagarh, a neighbour district of City of Saints Multan, just at the bank of River Chenab. A group of some young doctors from Karachi reached to one of its small villages called Head-bakini in the month of Aug, 2010. These doctors are still in contact with one of the residents of the village, Mufti Abdul Hameed Rabbani. Although the flood is over and most of the people are back to their lives in their respective localities affected by the water, but the mentioned village remained out of reach of the government and NGOs. These people are still homeless and are compelled to bear the extreme cold weather without proper shelter.

I personally know Dr. Zuhair Khan (an ex-Hamdardian, Matricualted from Hamdard Public School, Karachi in 2000) who is one of the doctors working in that area. He with his colleagues is assisting Mufti Abdul Hameed Rabbani to provide shelters to the poor villagers, particularly to widows who are not only homeless but have lost their life partners and the financial supporters of their families also.

Although much has already been done in these effected area but there is still lot more to do. If you just look at the recent flood in Queensland, Australia it was the worst of Australian history and people willingly started the rehabilitation process on voluntarily basis right after the water subsided. Although the Australian government is richer than the Pakistani government with lot of resources but the Australians are there to help their suffered countrymen. So this is the responsibility of the nation itself to stand up on its own feet and not to rely on foreign ad or beg for the loans on easy instalments (so called).

To sensitize the issue and attract the attention of readers of this write up I'm taking this opportunity to request everybody to kindly help Dr. Zuhair and his colleagues. They are raising funds to build basic housing (a roof and four walls) for the most needy of the village which are widows with children. The cost of building one shelter is PKR 72,000.00 (AUD 850.00 approx.). This is the most important of all because of the winter season in the area. Already 17 of such houses have been successfully constructed and handed-over to the widows but still 31 are lagging due to insufficient funds. The fund raisers can be reached at the contacts below for further details. You can contribute from your Zakat, Sadaqat or simple charity money for the purpose. This act of generosity will be rewarded by Allah here and hereafter.

Contact persons with contact numbers and countries:

Mufti Abdul Hameed Rabbani: +92 300 2135 675 (Pakistan)

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Shafi: +92 300 358 1338 (Pakistan)

Dr. Zuhair Khan: +61421965440 (Australia) +92 334 343 9919 (Pakistan)

Faraz Khan:  +61 42 115 6732 (Australia)

A facebook group has also been created for the purpose; facebooker can join the same for latest updates at

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hakim Mohammed Said, a man with vision

There are a number of terms to introduce Shaheed-e-Pakistan Hakim Mohammed Said (January 9, 1920 – October 17, 1998); he was an enthusiastic educationist and Hakim (physician). In addition to these, his multidimensional personality includes a seasoned writer, a wandering tourist, an altruistic philanthropist, a true patriot and a highly responsible Governor of province, but above all he was an admirable human being and a practicing Muslim.

His professional career started with migration to his beloved country Pakistan in 1948 where he founded a small Matab (clinic) of herbal medicines. This small clinic then turned into a well known non government institution, Hamdard Laboratories Pakistan, which afterwards gained the status of an active pharmaceutical industry and was transformed into a Waqf (trust) in 1953. In 1958 Hakim Said established Hamdard Tibbia College where a degree in Uniani (Greece) Medicines was offered.

It was in early 1980s when he started to materialise his dream of establishing a city of knowledge, culture and industry. This dream started coming to a reality when in 1983 the land near Northern Bypass some 27 km away from Karachi was purchased. General Zia ul-Haq the then president of Pakistan laid the foundation stone of the mega project called Madinat al-Hikmah in June 1985. The first institute to start working was Hamdard Public School in 1990, with no electricity and gas connection, also there was no water line to the school complex and the road was even not carpeted from the city to the school. But these deficiencies could not stop the staff and students to start the process of learning at the institute.

This was only possible due to the driving force behind the project, because the man behind it was the man with vision and mission.

He used to visit the school every week and would mix with the kids. Hakim Said was a footballer during his student life therefore he focused on the physical strength of the kids also. For this purpose a well equipped stadium was constructed at the school premises. This stadium became the centre of all on campus sports and co-curricular activities.

Later on Hamdard University, Hamdard College of Eastern Medicine, Bait ul-Hikmah (library) and Hamdard Village School also started functioning step by step under Hamdard Foundation Pakistan.

This is one aspect of his personality, as a writer he produced a number of manuscripts on diverse subjects, from kid's stories to technical reports and research thesis. One of the major areas of his authorship was to write travelogues and he was really good at that, because readers used to travel with him as a companion while reading his travelogues. He was a Hafiz of Quran also, so he gathered a large number of Quranic manuscripts from across the world at Bait ul-Hikmah.

To educate and train the children he started the forum of Naunehal Assembly where kids from different schools used to participate and share their views with their fellows, parents, teachers and the eminent scholars. Similarly Hakim Said also developed a platform for the leaders by the name of Hamdard Shura. He shared his experience and knowledge at various national and international conferences, symposiums and workshops by presenting his research and delivering technical and general lectures. His debating style was simple, logical and spontaneous therefore the audience of all ages were equally able to listen and understand him.

Government of Pakistan acknowledged the services of Hakim Said to his countrymen and he was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 1966 and the highest civilian award of Pakistan Nishan-e-Imtiaz in 2000. These are the two major awards from a long list of achievements.

He never believed in making property for himself as he lived in the only house in Karachi since his arrival to the country till the day of his assassination. He always ate simple meal and wore white dress comprising the Sherwani that was washed by him, usually. He had a habit of fasting and he was assassinated in the same mode also.

He was a person who thinks that 'Why not' so he brought his dreams to reality not for himself but for the others, he always believed in giving and did not hesitate in giving his life in the noble cause of serving the humanity. He once said that

اس دنیا میں جتنے بھی بڑے لوگ گزرے ہیں جتنے بھی بڑے لوگ سامنے آئے ہیں تم انکی زندگی کا مطالعہ کروتو تم یہ دیکھو گے اور غور کرو گےہر بڑے انسان نے اپنی ذات کی قربانی دی ہے۔ آپ کسی بھی بڑے انسان کو دیکھ لیجیئے اس نے ایثار کیا ہے اور دوسرے انسانوں سے محبت کی ہے اور انکا احترام کیا ہے یہ چیزیں بڑا انسان بننے کے لئے بہت ضروری ہیں۔
If you look at the great people of the world, read out about their lives, you will find that and realize it that every great person has sacrificed himself. You look at any great person he would have abnegated himself and loved the human beings and respected them. This is a compulsion to become a great person.

These words reflect his thoughts and he practiced the same till his last breathe. May his soul rest is peace, amen.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Technology makes the world go around

The term ‘technology’ can rightly be said putting ‘Science into practice’. If a scientific phenomenon which exists in nature is converted into reality for a common person, technology takes birth. From the depth of an ocean to the heavens in outer space and from the use of a needle to the journey of a space shuttle, we come across nothing but the technology.

Technology has been defined in several ways by different sources, I'm going to quote from Wikipedia and Encarta.

1. ‘the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization’

2. ‘the study, development and application of devices, machines and the techniques for manufacturing and productive processes’

If we look back to 19th century we would see that there were hardly a few inventions present at that time as compared to today. Some of the inventions of that era include internal combustion engines, light bulb, telephone, typewriter, sewing machine etc ( Now coming to the present days, we see solar vehicles, LASER holograms, smart mobile phones, touch pads, digitally programmed smart sewing machines and many more. A huge list of inventions cannot be mentioned in an essay of two pages, but it can be observed around us that we are depending upon technology a lot. Let’s have a look at the way how technology is influencing our everyday life.

You get up in the morning as your digital smart phone alarm rings, and then you go to the bathroom, using your electronic toothbrush to brush your teeth. The shaver you use is also electronic. Then you take bath under a shower which may be digitally controlled as to allow water to fall on your body when your body is right under it in a certain radius. As you get free from the bathroom, you put on the dress and then you rush towards the kitchen for the breakfast using, toaster, microwave oven, electric frying pans etc, to prepare your breakfast. You go to the garage and open its shutter with a remote control, the car beeps for you as you press its remote in the key ring with you. You get into the car and start it, the driving seat is adjusted as per the way you sit in the seat. The navigator guides you to the office and you don’t even need to worry about the tolls and speed cameras viewing you because you have updated the navigator using the latest geographical information maps and you are able to avoid these limitations by taking another route as programmed in the navigator.

When you reach your destination the main door automatically opens for you after scanning your biometrics and then you take the lift to the desired level and finally land at your office. Technology works in the office also; you can see your staff working in their cabins with the help of centrally installed cameras and video conferencing system. The surveillance and security system of your office also supports you to be vigilant in case of any unforeseen situation. After office hours you go for shopping and just use the plastic money for transactions and don’t need to carry hard cash at all. You receive a call from overseas on your mobile when you are on the way to home, it is from your father who is abroad and he tells you that your mother is in critical condition in the hospital and wants to see you. Then and there you reserve your flight to the motherland using your smart cellular phone behind which a 3G network of cellular company is working.

These are quite a few examples just to show that how technology is working in today’s world. The lifestyle of a common person is depending upon technology and one does not think about the life without these utilities and advantages which technology has brought to him.

Technology is equally shaping the life of a student at a school, teacher in a classroom, fisherman in sea, doctor examining a patient or treating him, accountant making ledgers and balance sheets, waiter taking an order etc. On a broader spectrum, technology is enabling us to reveal the secrets of nature. Man is trying to devise methods of obtaining low cost energy sources such as in the recent experiment at the European Organization for Research, CERN.

It can be concluded that technology makes the world go around.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Man is peace lover

Whatever was the reason behind the creation of this universe it came into being and every specie started its life cycle with the pre-programmed firmware. The philosophy and physics of this universe have been explained by philosopher and scientists, religious scholars and a common person according to their own way of understanding and individual knowledge and approach, but all agree on a same point that the beauty of this universe is due to its nature. This 'nature' is 'natural' by virtue of its creation and every scene of this universe including sunrise or sunset, water or air current, rotation of heavenly bodies about their centres, crying of a baby or vibration of an electron in nth orbit of an atom are the reflection of the force creating all these phenomena.

According to religious scholars this 'force' has been named as God, Bhagwan, or Allah and this creator has designed Man as a peaceful, loving and caring specie. So by birth a Man is a peace lover.  Peace, the antonym of war, is as essential for Man as breathing, eating or living. Every religion of world preaches peace and demands the practice of same. Talk about any preacher or prophet, whether Budha or Jesus, Muhammad or Joseph, Guru Nanak or Moses (peace be upon all), you would realize that all of them gave the lesson of basic human rights, love and condemned war. This means they proclaimed nothing but peace and brought the humanity from the darkness to the brightness of heart and soul.

It can rightly be said that a peace loving atheist is much better than an extremist religious person who loves hatred and wars.

Since the birth of Adam (peace be upon him) it was decided that the Man on earth will not be left alone by God, therefore He sent messengers during different eras. These messengers expounded the will of God and expressed the same by their performance to their companions. For example, the Messiah or Jesus (peace be upon him) proclaimed nothing but peace by expressing that "If someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek also", this is one of the many evidences of love for peace in Christianity.

Islam is also a peace loving religion and the treaties of Hudaibiya and Mustaliq are just two examples from the history, in favour of the statement made. The Treaty of Hudaibiya was between Muslims and Jewish at the time of first Islamic State in Medina in the beginning of 7th century AD.

Lets come to the present we find that when a Pastor from Florida announced the burning of Quran on 9/11, he was condemned by a number of people around the world including peace loving Americans. In my recent article I was worried about this announcement but this could not happen due to the mature approach and logical protest made across the globe by peace loving followers of almost every religion.

"We want peace in this world", these and similar words were spoken by one of the runner ups Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, at the US Open 2010 Mens Double Ceremony, as in this video. This gesture of politeness and love for peace by a tennis player of a third world country is a message on behalf of all his countrymen and religious fellows that every individual in this world is a peace lover by nature, because war is not the solution to any problem.

War sheds the blood and  evanescence of peace takes place as the war dominates.